OU Replay Contest - Round 4 Submissions OPEN

I shall vote for the name which starts with S..

Hmmm.. I was torn between SS and SIU but my awesome coinflipping skills resolved that.
Heads is ShakeItUp
Tails is Subject 18
Dropping the coin and failing to find it is ShootingStarmie



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ShakeItUp wins!

Round 3 submissions start...now! After this round, the winning replays will be put into a page and go in the hub.


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replay: internet extension v. Yeimi

From the get-go, this ladder match between internet extension (me) and Yeimi appears to be a match between weatherless offense and sand stall respectively, with a paper advantage toward the latter since internet extension's main offensive core of Dragonite and Salamence are hard-walled by the duo of Skarmory and Hippowdon. The presence of Sableye and its Prankster-enhanced Will-O-Wisps and Taunts on Yeimi's team further complicate matters, since it has the potential to undo every chance internet extension has for victory. Knowing this, internet extension decides to concentrate the majority of his efforts on keeping his Analytic Starmie alive and firing, since it has the best chance of breaking past the fortress-like defenses of Yeimi's sand stall. He also knows that Starmie also has to keep hazards off the field, since two important members are vulnerable to the floating hazard, turning the figurative dial up to eleven.

Will internet extension's invasion force be capable of breaking down Yeimi's fortifications, or will Yeimi's defenses eliminate the intruders?
QueenLexie vs. X5Dragon

In this battle I face a Midwestern Belle with a balance team, while I continue to be rude to all kinds of life form by rocking my HO team. On paper she seems to have me covered entirely, Landrous for the general physical sweeper FU, a magnezone and heatran for my Scizor, a Celebi for my Kingdra, Dragonite having lesser opportunities to set up, a Starmie to spin my rocks away and to top it all off a Staraptor which is probably scarved and can spam BB once Scizor is gone and Dragonite's MS is ripped. What I can play for is set down SR and keep it, weaken his pokemon so that once I set up I can start my sweep. Under full view of a great audience we start our battle of predictions, displaying the power of unpopular sets and making hard choices. Since this is a very short battle as all HO matches are, who will prevail? Will the lady succeed in systematically breaking me down and unleash the power of the Stars, or will the Dragon Master keep his cool and punch holes and try to sneak SR in hopes his moment of set up arrives?
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[url=http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou-49631871]this_team_is_jokes vs. WhoIsD[/URL]

In this replay, I, the legendary this_team_is_jokes, go up against a very worthy opponent in WhoIsD. The matchup seems, at first glance, to be an offensive weatherless team on my end, and an offensively-oriented Sand team on his.Though, as evidenced by the replay, there are a few surprises on both teams that make the battle very interesting. The general gameplan with my team is to use the wide coverage of each offensive Pokemon to narrow possible switch-ins. Plus, the two bulky pivots in Mew and Landorus allow me to get hazards and deny dedicated setters with Taunt, as well as set up Tailwind to help facilitate sweeps. After looking over his team, it seems like Analytic Starmie would be able to do tons of damage with its coverage moves, so keeping it safe from unnecessary damage is a must. Additonally, being able to remove Garchomp early in the game would be very beneficial, seeing as this team has no dedicated Dragon counters. Will this_team_is_jokes be able to prove his team is for real, or will WhoIsD be able to handle the team's unique composition?
Hello everybody , here is a replay of mine not the best i have but surely the one that i will never forget as a bit after this game i peaked the ps ladder, this game actually took me 20 minutes to find And its against a really skilled guy called "Pleasure" smogon name
, me and pleasure at the moment where probably the highest ranking dudes in the ladder he had a bit higher acre but i had lower variation so here is the replay


Team preview

As you can see i am using a drag mag team that i made but it ended up to be almost identical to idiotfromar's dragmag, pleasure was using a sun team one of the best i've seen , its solid chansey-slowbro defensive core is not something you see every day in a sun team that they are usually are much more offensive and reckless, ! i knew from the start that my jirachi and magnezone would be almost useless so pleasure had a small avd here i had dragons however 3 of them and i knew that if i could use them well this wouldn't be hard to win.

Key Moment 1:Turn 1
i don't like playing mind wars with xatu and mamo while risking WoW by Ntales so i lead with specs latios since ntales cant throw anything back and a chansey switch will give me huge momentum,
Pleasure wastes its ntales ,he later claims he misplayed that but he probably just feared of getting its chansey tricked or he wanted to grab momentum.​

Key Moment 2:Turn 3-4
i knew from the start that if i could get the haxorus to set up, i could weaken slowbro and then i could crack his team with bandnite , but getting that frail mon to set up is rather hard to perform ,
so with a highly strategic sacrifice that looked like it came out of a good chess game i trick lock that volcanora to fiery dance while my jirachi is reduced to ash,it wouldn't be much of a threat against his team
the turns that follow show pleasure trying to stop haxorus but trying to keep sbro healthy at the same time he wastes his xatu and slowbro gets seriously damaged just how it was planed to be, now i only need to deploy my Dnite after dugtrio gets damaged.

Key Moment 3:Turn 10
After mamo provided that dugdrio lost his fsash , i switched to dnite something that wouldn't be that easy without jirachi's sucrifise as volca could have been running hp rock or hp ice, i could switch to mzone but chansey would have stop it cold even behind a sub, so what comes after that was easy to imagine pleasure tries to recover hp on Slowbro by switching it back and forth so it can face my bandnite in one to one but he destroys his team in the proses the game was over

in the next turns i get surprised by Fthr by slowbro i had no idea it could run such move lol,but those last turns
also show how incredeply solid defensive core my opponent has i doupt that i would easily manage to break through him if it wasn't for my smart play early on

I hope you enjoyed.

and sorry for my English i am European.
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replay: internet extension v. Yeimi
first of all both teams are bad,yeimi runs bliss and sabl in sand team, internet has a decent team but its not much better
You both play bad so bad that i can hardly comment it, internet tries to flinch hax an 50% hippodown and yeimi tries to overcome the extreme hax that he is experiencing, he does a critical mistake however a mistake one of the many that can be found in this replay, he delivers that final wish to the wrong pokemon so he lost the game.
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3 dragons vs sun hmm i wonder who's gonna win
wow the dragons won? you must've outplayed him so damn bad!@
Well from what i see in the replay , i won by managing to get haxorus to dd but keeping him at full health so it can survive the ice beam of sbro, i know that my dragons usually have an adv over sun teams but not against this team, i know i make it look easy in the replay but its not lol, i don't understand why you get so sarcastic spinda.
Because it's that difficult to get an easy DD against that team with haxorus lol..
It's whatever though, I just think you made it seem a whole lot more skillful than it actually was.

I don't want to derail this thread any further I'm sorry.
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It was a Sun, with no Steel, and no Chlorophyl user to outspeed Tios. You pretty much couldn't loose from what I saw. You won coz CB Nite crushed his team and could come on anything.
He had Sbro, he had physical defensive volcanora with 74% chance to burn outraging dragons over two turns of contact and 80% over 3 he could also run dual screens with its xatu and he had reliable rocks and memento, on top of that my dragonite could not switch on safely on anything on anything if it wasn't for that trick, thunder wave,burns ,ice beams and such, it also could not be deployed without getting slowbro weakened , but its easier to just watch the replay isn't it ?

Because it's that difficult to get an easy DD against that team with haxorus lol..
It's whatever though, I just think you made it seem a whole lot more skillful than it actually was.
Just tell me where haxorus switches safely sets up safely , remains at full hp so it can endure an ice beam from slowbro, i don't want to brag about it but what i did with jirachi isn't something you see every day, and it definitely won me half of the game,

then again if you people cant rate or understand a replay right i should delete it the quality of the replays above is much higher i suppose my replay can't much them.
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Soul Fly

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3 dragons vs sun hmm i wonder who's gonna win
wow the dragons won? you must've outplayed him so damn bad!@
Coming from a guy frequenting the ladder consistently. Take your bad sarcasm somewhere else. Pleasure/Conflict has been using this team for ages and has managed to remain in top of the ladder with it, so I assure you there aren't any obvious matchup holes you're making out to be. And it's not like Drag/Mag is really rare on the ladder, so stating that this team somehow auto-loses to that archetype is plain false. Either you've never used/faced a ChanBro core, or you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Sure no steels makes it hard to face dragmag, but facing someone very skilled as him I'd say this was a very well fought match. Don't deride it just for the sake of deriding.
Personally, I thought that Grey Knight's replay is one of the best this round. It featured a hyper offensive dragmag team which was very enjoyable to watch and included skilled moves and predictions from both players. It showcased the skill and decision making that goes into every team, especially dragmag which is often criticized for being a mindless playstyle. I particularly liked the thought put into describing the moves made each turn, but maybe next time it could be spoiler tagged. I'd recommend rewriting the blurb about the battle, might even write it myself if I've got time later because it was a solid battle.

Spinda's post was very disrespectful, and I don't like at all the fact that the battler was called out and had to respond herself (or himself) multiple times in a thread that is all about sharing high level battles from the best players. Sure, it was bad taste for pleasure to be sarcastic about the matchup in game, but that's understandable. Laddering becomes very annoying once you crack 2000, and it makes sense that one would be pissed off when battling. But as for the thread, when we're just chilling and commenting on a forum for competitive battling based of a children's RPG, why bother with the negativity?

As for the matchup itself, dragmag is a common enough playstyle, and Pleasure's team should have been and definitely was prepared for it. I don't know what sets and items Pleasure was running, but Bulky volcarona was the perfect offensive answer to the DragMag team, as it KOed everything in Sun at +1/+1, but needed SR support to help it muscle past multiscale dragonite. Dugrio could pull some shenanigans with its sash, and most importantly, ninetales could have provided valuable burn support against haxorus and banded dragonite, so its health had to be maintained. I think Pleasure still had a shot if his intact dugtrio was left when down to slowbro and chansey. It was a good match, at worst, slight disadvantage pleasure.
Wow I ended up typing up quite a bit, but this was a great battle. Next time I'll try to be more concise.

This is actually a very interesting battle between two good players, with Life Orb Analytic Starmie being the literal Star of the show.

Yeimi has a bulky sand stall team, with Specially defensive Tentacruel, Chansey, Sableye, Physically defensive Skarmory, and physically defensive Hippodon. It's pretty weird to see Chansey in Sand(in fact, the only pokemon to not be damaged by Sand is Skarmory), but it looks like Tentacruel will have a tough time spinning against IE's team. The team's main source of damage seems to be hazards, with Sableye as the spinblocker. I know that it's a curiously lopsided stall team meant to handle the more dangerous physical threats of OU while Chansey puts the team on her back on the special side of things.

Internet Extension has an offensive team, with CBnite, Analytic LO Starmie, Lead Mamo with Icicle Spear, Healing Wish nonscarf jirachi with Iron Head and U-turn, Bulky Flying gem SD scizor, and a mystery Salamence (likely scarfmoxie). This team seems to function with Jirachi and Starmie supporting the team by racking up damage on opposing threats, keeping the field clear of hazards, and bringing a weakened pokemon back to full health for another chance to sweep, while the physical attackers weaken the opposing team's physical wall to the point where the remaining physical sweeper blows past the opponent's weakened team.

It looks like Yeimi is packing all the answers to IE's physical team with her two physical walls and Sableye, but also has Chansey and Scarf Rotom-W to handle Starmie, IE's main shot at breaking through Yeimi's bulky team. Scarf Rotom-W and Prankster Sableye are the Yeimi's fastest pokemon, which is important, as everything else on Internet Extension's team will almost always move first. Of course, I didn't know the exact sets the first time I watched the battle, but both players knew what they had on their own teams before going into battle so I'm going to try to speak from the knowledge they had without necessarily spoiling anything. Another thing to note is that Yeimi is playing with the Stall team's mindset, preserving important walls to continue walling the opposing team into oblivion is of paramount importance, therefore she must play while looking long term into the match, with lots of Sandstorm damage, hazards damage, and weakened walls. IE is much more flexible in making risky plays and predictions as losing a Hippowdon on turn three would prove devastating to Yeimi's stall team, as Skarmory and Sableye alone cannot handle Mamoswine, Scizor, Dragonite, and Salamence. With a matchup like this, there is a lot of pressure on both players, and the match comes down to mental toughness.

Turn 1

I found it interesting that IE would lead Starmie on turn 1, given the threat of of Rotom-W leading and threatening to snatch momentum with Volt Switch, and the fact that without Starmie, IE will have a very tough time winning, so why chance it so early? The MASSIVE 25% on Chansey makes it Analytic without a doubt, and more threatening for Yeimi, as only Chansey can switch in on an analytic boosted attack.

lots of kerfluffing around Mamoswine's Icicle Spear and physically defensive Hippowdon slowly Earthquaking it's way to victory, with a depressing string of 2-hit icicle spears followed by a few 5-hit icicle spears until finally, IE switches the weakened Mamoswine out.

Turn 16 - 100% Scizor vs 35% Rotom-W

Internet Extension loses 50% on his apparently non-scarfed Jirachi(who arguably wasn't going to be too useful this match) for no reason due to Hydro Pump to go to Scizor who doesn't even resist water and could be seriously injured by another Hydro pump. Maybe it's Sdef Scizor, but IE chooses for some reason to click Superpower. Yeimi is definitely not staying in on Scizor with her weakened scarfer while Starmie is alive, and Superpower isn't going to touch tentacruel, hippo, sableye, or skarm (chansey is never going to switch in on scizor to begin with) so this move didn't make much sense.

Hippowdon comes in to sponge the piss weak Superpower, taking 21%, and Yeimi now has the knowledge that Scizor is not banded, in fact, Yeimi has the knowledge that Scizor is not even running 252+Atk, therefore that Scizor is of the SD variant(Either 40+ bulky SD or 252jolly SD). Or lolscarfed...

Superpower was a horrible move to use, so why bother sending it out on scarf hydro pump? This isn't particularly a bad move, as IE might have wanted to preserve other pokemon, but weird/pointless because it gave a lot of information and accomplished nothing really.

Turn 20 - Hippowdon at 73%+ vs 44% Jirachi

IE decides to stay in and keep going for flinchhax against a healthy Hippowdon (maybe IE doesn't mind foddering jirachi? Maths dictates that the sand Hippo will win), who Yeimi doesn't bother switching out until its only at 16%. At which point, the sand hippo is finished, because after SR-heck even before SR, everything on internet extension's team can outspeed and KO it, so it's never getting a wish (unless Yeimi is a prediction goddes and Hippowdon comes in on an electric move), and it's too slow to Slack Off. Hippowdon hardwalls Dragonite and likely Mence, so it would have been much better to switch out at least at a more useful percentage instead of preserving Hippowdon for death fodder. Jirachi isn't even that great a threat to Yeimi's team to warrant staying in to potentially EQ it. IE gets very lucky to flinch Hippowdon so many times and not lose his Jirachi. This definitely was a case of annoying "hax," but this is something Jirachi brings to every match when it packs Iron Head.

Turn 27 - 44% Starmie vs 20% Skarmory

Both players made very good moves in the previous turns. Yeimi Brave Birded, hoping to nail Starmie but also denting Dragonite in the process. Scizor and Salamence would take hefty damage and would be unable to do anything in return (unless of course salamence had Fire Blast, which we don't know) while skarmory roosted in their faces. Even Jirachi would be 2HKOed after SR, so it was a good move regardless. IE kind of threw away dragonite, but got to damage skarmory heavily in the process.

Skarmory might actually tank a physical move and roost upon switching back in (only if Tentacruel spins away SR. at 8%, forget tanking anything), so it doesn't make too much sense to switch it out now, unless looking very long term. Skarmory likely has Spikes and can get to work on IE's team once a layer goes down, but deciding not to fodder Skarmory is an interesting move. This Starmie is the offensive LO variant; therefore, it is very likely to have Thunderbolt, and even has Analytic, so every switchin not named Chansey is going to get cockslapped. (Starmie is Hippowdon's pimp daddy in any case) Hydropump has shaky accuracy, and almost definitely IE wouldn't finish off a weakened Skarmory with an 80% accurate move.

If switching in Tentacruel: Best case scenario: Ice beam (to be followed by Psyshock, no spins still) Worst case: Thunderbolt/death.

If IE has thunderbolt, he's using it 100% to finish off the metal bird, because it severely damages every switchin with Analytic, except for Chansey. Hippowdon can come in, heal back SR damage, and promptly be KOed while racking up LO damage on starmie. Chansey is the best switchin if Yeimi didn't want skarmory to go down. Foddering Hippowdon is a close second as Starmie would be down to around 28%, good for two more turns or one after SR damage if switching out.

Sableye is too important with prankster WoW, and starmie eats it for breakfast with analytic ANYTHING followed by hydro pump.

Turn 28 - 28% Starmie vs 28% Tentacruel (PAR)

Both pokemon having 28% on turn 28 is a sign from Arceus that the results of this turn will have major ramifications on the battle.

Yeimi brings in Tentacruel, arguably a worse switch than Sableye, who gets electrocuted and paralyzed for good measure by the hax gods, who are disappointed with this misplay.

Both players, literally shocked by the fact that Starmie keeps his Analytic pimp hand strong decide to make yet another misplay. Internet Extension's balls increase to the size of Jupiter as he decides to Spin the rocks away, take another round of LO damage and Sandstorm damage, and leave his poor Starmie vulnerable to any stray scalds, ice beams, giga drains, or gastro acids the specially defensive Tentacruel might unleash, while Yeimi, still scarred by the beating her Tentacruel took mercifully swaps it out for everyone's favorite Pink Blob. 28% Tentacruel at 25% speed is going to be outsped and KOed by everything on IE's team (after rocks) and isn't receiving any wishes for sure, so there's no reason to switch it out seriously none. You don't run away from a 12% Starmie that could KO your entire team... right? Well with LO recoil and SS, Starmie isn't sweeping anytime soon.

At this point, Yeimi decides to give IE yet another free turn and switches out to Chansey(finally) who can take anything starmie throws at it, Wish, and switch out from whatever physical attacker comes in. Starmie spins away SR at no cost from Yeimi, but pays for it with LO recoil and another turn of SS damage. I'm honestly not sure why this chansey doesn't have protect, and if it doesn't have protect, why it isn't using softboiled as it is being worn down by starmie/SS/SR and getting pimp slapped every two turns. Yeimi uses Wish to heal something, preferably tentacruel, who can actually live an iron head from jirachi, but passes it to skarmory instead.

Turn 31 The Turn which gave IE a solid Win Condition

This turn was huge, because the useless Jirachi is able to bring Starmie back to full health. At this point, it looks deceptively like Yeimi is in the lead with six pokemon vs IE's three, but Tentacruel, Chansey, and Hippowdon are basically dead after SR and any attack, and Starmie can easily handle Sableye, who threatens to neuter Salamence (if its a pure physical attacker and literally if Mence is Male) and Scizor. Two Will o Wisps will be hard to pull off, but Scarf Rotom helps simplify things greatly.

Turn 32 The Turn that Decided the Battle - 100% LO Anal Starmie vs 100% Sturdy Skarmory

Starmie can bring skarmory down to its sash. Stealth Rocks guarantees that even if it switches out, it can be OHKOed by Starmie upon its return. Had Tentacruel spun on turn 28, Skarmory would have Sturdy in all cases, but alas, it hadn't spun. Had Tentacruel Scalded Starmie, we'd have no Starmie and likely, no Skarmory either. Had Tentacruel put down a later of Toxic Spikes, Starmie would still be unable to sweep Yeimi's team. Had Hippowdon not been haxed by Jirachi, he could have KOed the annoying twerp, and that would have been the end of Starmie. But none of this matters. All the damage rolls, low and high, ice shards in pairs or groups of five, good plays bad plays null plays and non plays, contributed equally to the scenario before both players.

Chansey is at 30%ish health and can take any starmie attack, but not two. SS + SR + Analytic LO boosted attack spell doom for chansey, as it will be 2hkoed by a subsequent attack. Full health starmie took the entire match to wear down, and none of Yeimi's pokemon have the health to sustain analytic Tbolt followed by a second cleanup move. Chansey is one of the only answers Yeimi has to Starmie and must be brought in fresh after something has been foddered. Chansey cannot take any physical moves from Mence or Scizor, therefore it can only come in after something is sacrificed.

However, both players fail to notice something very important this turn.

Starmie is Internet Extension's wincondition, as scizor and mence cannot handle taunt/WoW sableye.

Starmie very likely does not carry recover as turn 29/30 arguably was one of its best opportunities to recover, Recover on LO analytic variants is very unlikely, and Jirachi was sacrificed to bring it health (even if it does, rotom-w can easily force it out/KO it later).

Therefore, wearing down Starmie with LO and SS is of paramount importance for Yeimi. Skarmory has Sturdy, and 180 BP Brave bird (STAB factored in) against a very frail Starmie that is strapped for health. Brave Bird was Skarmory's best option against Starmie. This damage output matches the damage on Dragonite earlier.

0 Atk Skarmory Brave Bird vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Starmie: 123-145 (47.12 - 55.55%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after weather

51% damage on Starmie is huge, as it is taking 16% damage each turn from LO and SS. On this turn, should Starmie attack, brave bird would deal 51%+10% LO damage+6% due to SS, leaving Starmie at a measly 32%, enough for just two more attacks for the rest of the match. Even worse for Internet Extension, Yeimi has two potential death fodder pokemon in Hippowdon and Tentacruel, one of which is immune to Thunderbolt, and very helpful when it comes to Mind games with Sandstorm damage.

If Starmie stayed in, Yeimi could clean up/play around LO and SS and potentially win the game. If Starmie switched out, Yeimi would have a Skarmory no longer at full health, and a Starmie ready to come in and OHKO it.

Both players make a huge mistake. IE doesn't preserve his wincon yet again, and Yeimi doesn't transition from the stall mindset of preserving pokemon to take charge of the game and heavily damage the one pokemon that threatens her entire team, choosing to ineffectually bring chansey back in and take a boosted analytic hit, SR and SS, leaving it in hydro pump range.

Yeimi instead chooses to destroy Skarmory's sturdy, and her chances of winning the battle. Chansey is paralyzed, a sign of displeasure from the Hax Gods.

Turn 33 - 85% Starmie vs 12% Chansey

Hydro Pump misses, and Yeimi is seemingly given yet another chance to stay in this match. A standard Chansey should be able to heal itself not just sit around while waiting for it's Wish to come true. Wish but no Protect? If no Protect, why doesn't Chansey have Softboiled? Is it running Counter or Mirror Coat? Seismic Toss? Toxic? Aromatherapy? Whatever set its running, it isn't able to protect itself, and sadly any recipient of Chansey's Wish is KOed by Analytic LO Hydro Pump.

Around turn 40 Yeimi still has a slim (a fairly decent, maybe 35%) shot at winning, but isn't using the standard 252HP 252Sdef Calm nature on Sableye to tank special hits, (He can burn physical attackers) and Sableye is surprisingly KOed.

252 SpA Life Orb Starmie Hydro Pump vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Sableye: 200-238 (65.78 - 78.28%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock and weather

This was a very interesting battle, and both players played well. I'm not going to comment on hax, but it honestly could have gone either way. Very good game.

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World Cup Semifinals Match

In this high-intensity battle, Heavy Offense expert Kongo Agon deviates a bit from his playstyle by running balanced in an attempt to defeat Fakes for a second consecutive time in the semifinals. These two users were pitted in a fight in the Smogon Premier League Semifinals, Kongo Agon coming through with a narrow win. In his attempt to get revenge for his earlier loss, Fakes brings a sun team, attempting to counterteam ShakeItUp's usual weatherless antics. As such, he has a major edge from team matchup, Victini and Latios being able to do massive damage to ShakeItUp's team. ShakeItUp knows that setting up Stealth Rock will be insturmental in this game, chipping off 25% of Victini's health every time it switches in and hitting almost every other one of Fakes's Pokemon for neutral damage. As such, ShakeItUp leads off with his Garchomp, his Stealth Rocker. Fakes tries to predict Stealth Rock from Garchomp and stays in, only to be met by an untimely Earthquake, which OHKOes. Fakes brings in Venusaur, allowing ShakeItUp to let the most useless Pokemon on his team become sleep fodder; in this battle, it was Conkeldurr. H brings in Latias to counter the Venusaur, forcing Fakes to go to his Forretress, which gets hit hard by Draco Meteor. ShakeItUp knows that now is his chance to get up Stealth Rock, and sends in his Garchomp as Forretress lays up Spikes. Fakes predicts Stealth Rock, but thanks to Rough Skin, Forretress is eventually forced out while Garchomp finally sets up SR. Fakes sends in his Latios, a Pokemon so terrifying that Kongo Agon has no choice but to sacrifice his favorite washing machine. The next turn, however, Fakes makes a major misplay, letting ShakeItUp KO his Latios with his Latias, giving ShakeItUp the edge in the battle. Fakes sends out his Forretress yet again to Rapid Spin, but Kongo Agon makes a great play, sending in his Garchomp to effectively block Rapid Spin with Rough Skin. Venusaur then comes out to knock out the land shark, but ShakeItUp sends out his Reuniclus, which easily sponges Venusaur's hits and knocks it out with Psyshock. Fakes then sends out his only hope: his Victini, a Pokemon with a move so powerful it makes Draco Meteor look like a children's play toy. Assuming that Victini is Trick Room, ShakeItUp stays in and Psyshocks for minor damage as Victini Trick Rooms. After hitting it again and sacrificing his Reuniclus, ShakeItUp sends out Garchomp, knowing that Fakes has no choice but to kill it with Victini. After Rough Skin and another Defense Drop, Victini is annihilated by Scizor's Bulet Punch, which also maanges to 2HKO Fakes's Garchomp, giving ShakeItUp a 14-1 record and US East a much-needed win in the semifinals. This battle proves that with masterful play, bad matchups can be overcome.
Grey Knight

The team matchup here looks greatly in favor of Grey Knight; not having a Dragon-type resist greatly hinders Conflict. On Turn 1, Ninetales misses Will-O-Wisp on Latios, which hinders Conflict since Latios is a threat to his team. On Turn 3, Conflict brings in Volcarona, but is unable to Quiver Dance since Dragonite easily defeats +1 Volcarona. Grey Knight sends in Jirachi, using Trick to stop Quiver Dance, but Conflict predicts this and KOes Jirachi with Fiery Dance. With Volcarona locked into Fiery Dance, however, Grey Knight is able to bring in Haxorous, forcing Conflict to bring out his Slowbro. Haxorous Dragon Dances on the switch, doing heavy damage to Slowbro and forcing Conflict to sacrifice his Xatu. Slowbro comes back in, KOing the Dragon after living due to Regenerator, but is severely weakened, leaving Conflict's team completely shredded by Grey Knight's Dragonite. From here, it is essentially over. Grey Knight forces Slowbro out and sets up Stealth Rock, crippling Volcarona and taking away Dugtrio's Focus Sash. Dragonite rampages through the rest of Conflict's team rather easily. This battle showcases the importance of team matchup in the BW2 OU metagame, Conflict having no Dragon-type resist, making it extremely difficult to handle the combination of Dragon Dance Haxorous + Choice Band Dragonite (not to mention, Latios). To add to this, Stealth Rock is a major problem for Conflict's team, and luckily for Grey Knight, his Stealth Rock Pokemon happened to be Mamoswine, which annihilates Xatu regardless. Overall, Conflict's team matchup put him at a ridiculous disadvantage, but to credit Grey Knight, he did set up his Haxorous at the earliest possible turn to essentially clinch the game.

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